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Do you want to make a difference in the lives of the clients you deal with and the community at large?

An strategy called SOI (Sphere of Influence) can help you do that. It uses a principles-based strategy, empathy-led marketing, and Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence to draw the proper individuals into your universe while excluding everyone else.


This implies that SOI concentrates on targeting the appropriate people who are specifically positioned to gain from your solution rather than attempting to reach out to everyone with a solution. Instead of depending solely on cutting-edge strategies, SOI emphasizes marketing that is driven by empathy. This indicates that SOI is about building rapport with your audience before any money is exchanged.


Building an audience and a list is simply one aspect of SOI. It involves developing a marketing plan that genuinely appeals to the customers you want to serve and forging long-lasting, meaningful connections. This can involve developing content, hosting webinars, running email campaigns, and more. You may develop marketing techniques that will make your audience feel seen, heard, and valued by knowing their requirements and desires.


You may create marketing tactics that are actually suited to the demands of your audience by having a thorough awareness of their needs and desires. You may develop marketing initiatives that speak to them and initiate real dialog with them. You may form connections with them based on trust and loyalty while upholding your basic beliefs, acting on their behalf, and being dedicated to their best interests.


The secret to making a difference with your work and having a significant influence on the lives of the individuals you serve is SOI. You’ll be able to connect with the proper people and make sure that your marketing initiatives are worthwhile and successful. Hence, if you want to make a difference and leave a strong, long-lasting impression, SOI is the organization for you.


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