Chris Orlob – Rig the Game: Advanced Strategies for Winning Your Unfair Share of Competitive SaaS Deals


Download Chris Orlob – Rig the Game: Advanced Strategies for Winning Your Unfair Share of Competitive SaaS Deals


Are you sick and weary of losing SaaS contracts to your rivals? It’s time to improve and become an expert in competitive selling. You will discover more than 20 cutting-edge methods in this course that will enable you to dominate your competition and close every business.How to arrange transactions in your advantage is first on the list. This method is a game-changer that will assist you in gradually shifting the purchase criterion in your favor. You will discover verbatim activities and questions that you may apply right away. This method will make it simple for you to persuade potential customers to support you.

Here are seven strategies to use before the combat even begins. You can “competitor-proof” every sale using these strategies. You’ll discover how to discredit your rivals even before they enter the fray without spreading falsehoods. With the help of these strategies, you’ll be able to dominate the market and make it impossible for your rivals to gain ground.

Are you sick and weary of having your prices regularly lowered? You’ll learn how to exclude your rivals off the negotiating table in our training. This tactic will allow you to hold a firm stance during negotiations and win at your pricing, even if your rivals are offering a lower price.

There is a point in any business when you are losing a contract. You must be able to change the course of events when that occurs. Two “turnaround” strategies that might help you save deals before you lose them are taught in this course. These strategies are game-changers that will enable you to prevail even in the most difficult circumstances.

Lastly, we’ll show you how to build a “political web” that works in your advantage. This approach will enable you to build a network of connections and allies that will support your market success. You’ll discover how to use the power of your connections to influence politics in a way that benefits your company.

In conclusion, our competitive selling training is the ideal choice if you’re eager to advance your SaaS company. With more than 20 cutting-edge tactics, you’ll be able to outsmart your rivals and close every transaction. Don’t give your rivals the upper hand. Enroll in our course right away to learn the art of SaaS selling.



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