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Protecting your assets and preserving generational wealth are becoming more and more crucial in today’s environment. Having a thorough grasp of trust entities and asset protection methods is essential given the constantly shifting legal landscape and the possibility of unanticipated events. Our all-encompassing curriculum fills that need.We would like to introduce our Trust Entity Mastery Program, a six-module course that will provide you the skills and information you need to successfully negotiate the complicated world of trusts and protect your hard-earned assets. Let’s examine each module’s contents in more detail.

What Is a Trust Entity, Module 1?
You will obtain a solid knowledge of what a trust entity is in this module. The complexities of a three-party agreement between a grantor, trustee, and beneficiary will be covered. You’ll understand the idea of a live, breathing being that is able to do nearly all human functions by the end of this session.

Asset Protection Module 2
To secure their valuables is one of the main reasons people choose trust companies. We will examine numerous trust kinds in this session, including family and corporate trusts. You will pick out really useful techniques to protect your assets against litigation, foreclosures, judgements, liens, divorce settlements, excessive taxation, and probate. You’ll feel confident in your capacity to long-term wealth protection at the end of this module.

Generational Wealth Module 3
Planning carefully is necessary to leave a lasting legacy. We will walk you through the process of setting up a custodial account under the UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) and an index universal life insurance policy for your kids in this lesson. By establishing these assets, you can make sure that your kids have a strong financial base of their own, positioning them for future success.

How to Transfer Asset Ownership into a Trust in Module 4
It might be difficult to transfer asset ownership into a trust. We will lead you through the procedures in this lesson to complete a quit claim deed, which will transfer ownership from your name to your family trust. It’s essential to comprehend this procedure to guarantee a seamless transfer of assets and prevent any legal snares.

Module 5: Setting Up a Non-Profit
A universe of opportunities may be made possible by setting up a non-profit trust corporation. We’ll show you how to create an empire as a non-profit trust entity in this section. You will also discover how to build tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 corporate credit for your nonprofit organization. You will leave this session with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to society while still reaping the rewards of non-profit status.

Tax Exemption Strategies in Module 6
Any trust entity owner must comprehend the complexities of tax exemption. You will learn about practical tax exemption techniques for your trust in this last subject. Ensure that your assets are safeguarded while lawfully minimizing your tax obligations by learning how to maximize your tax benefits and reduce your tax liabilities.

Module 7: An application and modifications
Find out how to register your trust entity for an ein and how to change your trust if you purchase or sell assets.

Unit 8: Investing trust money
Find out how to invest your trust funds in securities such as equities, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and insurance contracts.

Module 9: Organizational structure
study the definition of a holding business. How to make one entity possess another. A limited liability company’s definition and formation are also covered.

Module 10: Personal banking for families
Learn how to set up private family banking, family rituals, a family governance structure, and a family goal statement.

You are taking a big step towards ensuring your financial future by signing up for our Trust Entity Mastery Program. All facets of trust entities, asset protection, generational wealth, and tax exemption techniques are covered in our thorough lessons. Spend money on your financial education right away to enjoy the rewards for years to come.



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