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Why only a dollar a day? Because you’re not trying to reach everyone, you’re trying to reach a specific group of people. And $1 a day is all you need to get in front of them.

Think about who your target audience is and where they are. Are they on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? Tailor your ads to reach them where they are spending their time online.

You can also use software to reach millions of people at once. But it all starts with $1 a day to get the ball rolling.


Why only a dollar a day?There are many reasons to target a specific group of people rather than trying to reach everyone. Quality is always better than quantity, so it’s important to think about who your ideal target audience is.

Where do they work? Where do they live? What kind of car do they drive? What TV shows do they watch? What industry conferences do they attend?

If you need help with public relations but can’t afford to hire a New York PR agency for $10,000 a month, Facebook can be a great resource. You can create ads that target journalists who write for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forrester, VentureBeat, or Mashable.

This method can also be used for B2B purposes, allowing you to reach key decision-makers in your industry and get your proposal in front of them.

If you’re a big brand looking to scale, you can use software to multiply this method and reach millions of people at once.

This is a flexible approach that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

It all starts with $1, because that’s all you need to get started. With the right targeting, you can make a big impact with a small budget.


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