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David Ogilvy would be stoked about AI copy. After all, he was the man who developed the concept of “Big Ideas” that would draw people in and compel them to purchase. He was an innovator in the world of marketing, and AI is the latest tool to help marketers get their message out.

AI copy is revolutionizing the world of marketing with its ability to write engaging copy quickly and accurately. AI can write copy that is tailored to specific audiences, has the right tone, and can effectively communicate the message. AI copy can quickly and easily be adapted to different mediums, such as web copy, email, and print.

AI copy can also help marketers save time and money. By using AI copy, marketers don’t have to hire expensive copywriters, which can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. AI copy can help marketers get their message out quickly and efficiently, so they can focus on other important tasks.

With AI copy, marketers can also create more targeted campaigns, as AI can identify key phrases and words that will draw in the right audience. AI can also be used to measure the success of campaigns, allowing marketers to adjust their strategies to get better results.

Using AI copy can also help marketers make more money. AI can help marketers create copy that resonates with customers, leading to more conversions and sales. AI copy can also help marketers create copy that is optimized for search engine algorithms, increasing the chances of appearing higher in search engine results.

David Ogilvy would be stoked about AI copy, and you should be too. Get ahead of the game and start taking advantage of AI copy today to reach more customers and make more money!


There’s no doubt about it: David Ogilvy himself would be stoked about AI copy. When you consider that he’s the father of modern advertising, it makes sense. After all, technology has always been at the heart of great marketing.

And AI copy is no exception. With AI copy, you can create more effective and engaging ads, web copy, and social media posts. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to use.

Now, I was supposed to write this very sales page using ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an AI-powered copywriting tool that’s designed to help you create better copy faster.

I was excited to get started. But when I tried to sign into, I got this:

That’s right – I was already at capacity. On a Monday morning.

Now, I’m never at capacity at 9:15am on a Monday. That’s one of the most productive of the five days of the work week. So, I was disappointed. I had a workblock in my calendar to write this page for the next few hours. And I wanted to put ChatGPT to the test – I wanted to “hire” it to write the page, with my direction.

But I couldn’t.

That’s why I think David Ogilvy himself would be stoked about AI copy. If he were alive today, he’d see how AI copy can help make our lives easier. It can take some of the strain off of us copywriters, freeing us up to focus on the more creative aspects of our work.

And that’s why I’m so excited about AI copy. It helps us to create better, more effective copy faster. And with AI copy, you’ll never have to worry about capacity issues ever again.

So, why get left behind? Now you can capture new opportunities with AI copy. And even make more money.

Start writing great copy with AI as your “copy cub” today.



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