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Greetings on landing a prospective client! What will happen next? Approaching a new customer, outlining your services, and onboarding them might be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be stressful if you get the appropriate advice. Introducing “I Have a Potential Client – Now What?” our course. This training will guide you through every step required to properly enroll a new customer. You’ll discover how to conduct that first discussion with poise, provide a price quotation, and win the customer over completely. Even tax-related subjects and year-end closing procedures will be covered so you are fully prepared to handle all financial responsibilities on the job.

Tiffani Higgins, your instructor, is a successful CPA and the mother of five wonderful kids. She is aware of the difficulty in striking a balance between maintaining financial security and spending time with family. Tiffani worked 32 hours outside of tax season and 60 hours during tax season for a CPA company prior to beginning her own business. She now only puts about 10 hours per week for about the same compensation, though.

Tiffani will tell you about a bookkeeper’s regular month throughout this session. You’ll discover how to finish the first full month and complete any back work. You’ll be able to confidently approach new clients and effectively enroll them with Tiffani’s assistance.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and information required to deal with any potential customer. You’ll be able to enroll clients quickly and quote your services with simplicity. You’ll also be equipped with the information needed to address tax-related issues and year-end closure procedures.

Don’t pass up this chance to transform your company. Enroll in “I have a potential client NOW WHAT?” to start along the path to success and financial security.



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